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Picture by Soulfire Photography

Meet our characters, and the wonderful people who play them:

Lauren "OboeCrazy" Urban (Dungeon Master)

          OboeCrazy Urban

Lauren "OboeCrazy" Urban is a professional classical musician, performing on oboe and English horn all over the Seattle area. When she's not playing a bard in real life she's playing the role of Dungeon Master for all kinds of groups, and is the Community Manager for D&D Beyond.

Along with DMing for Dungeon Drunks, Lauren is the DM for Clerical Error for Wizards of the Coast on their official Twitch channel, and plays Roc the Aarakocra Rogue in The Demonplague on the Don't Split The Podcast network. She also was the DM for Destiny & Doom, played b'Ang'A'Rang the grung on One Grung Above, and frequently runs and plays Wizard of the Coasts Extra Life events along with numerous guest performances.

Between oboe gigs and D&D shows Lauren spends what little free time she has playing video games and watching silly internet videos with her husband.

Follow her on Twitter: @OboeCrazy

Julia Rogers (Burnie)

Julia Rogers
Picture by Soulfire Photography

Julia Rogers is a public historian and North Carolina transplant in Canadian soil. As a child, she spent a great deal of time pretending to be every historical figure from her textbooks. As an adult, she has somehow managed to get paid to do something eerily similar. She likes to spend her non-history nerd time playing DnD with the other Dungeon Drunks and with her home game. You can also find her playing Call of Cthulhu with Encounter Roleplay every Monday at 4:30pm EST on Twitch.

Follow her on Twitter: @Guilia_Rossa

Character art by Luke McKay

Julia plays the gnome cleric, Burnice Q Burns or Burnie. A follower of Queen Bey, Burnie has found her home not in a place but in her traveling companions and their unexpected animal menagerie. While she claims to not heal stupid, she finds herself dolling out hit points on the regular and occasionally saving those fools from death.

Jonathan Serna (Jonathan the MagiMuscular)

Jonathan Serna
Picture by Soulfire Photography

Jonathan "RoadBlock" Serna is an avid gamer, having played video and tabletop games for as long as he can remember. An IT guy by trade, he uses his career to fund his hobbies and passions! Jonathan is a podcaster, golfer, photographer, gamer, public speaker, and scuba diver! Jonathan loves to travel, see his friends, and go on actual adventures with them! Chief among his interests, Jonathan has spent the last 15 years caught up in the magic of Dungeon & Dragons!

Follow him on Twitter: @Road_Block

Character art by Luke McKay

Jonathan plays the aptly named Jonathan the MagiMuscular, the human wizard. Born in Caer Callidyrr and schooled at the Neverwinter Academy of Arcane Magic, Jonathan is a master of the evocation arts. He relied on his magic and muscles to survive a box canyon, an orcish wedding, and a blue dragon attack. In his continuing adventures, Jonathan the MagiMuscular uses his skills to attack his enemies, protect his friends, and expand his knowledge of the arcane!

Jack Edathil (Travancore)

Jack Edathil
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Jack Edathil is a longtime podcaster and interviewer. Since 2006, he has been the founding host of the Glib Shark podcast (formerly known as “Late Nite JengaJam”). Jack enjoys history, football, comics and beer in roughly equal measure. Jack is also active in his local community and church. Jack lives in a town just outside of his native Philadelphia with his wife, beagle and baby-sized archer in training.

Follow him on Twitter: @jackedathil

Character art by Luke McKay

Jack plays a half-elf Unearthed Arcana Beastmaster Ranger named Travancore. Travancore is in Faerun ostensibly on a mission of discovery on behalf of his home, the mysterious Kingdom of Prakkanam. Travancore is joined by his animal companion, the black bear Shadow, who may or may not believe he is a fire bear. Travancore brings an outsider’s perspective to the Heralds of Greenest, curious and eager to learn the ways of this new land, but also determined to be an exemplar of his old one.

John Sedlack (Quarlton)

John Sedlack
Picture by Soulfire Photography

John Sedlack is a filmmaker, gamer, DM, and because of Dungeon Drunks a podcaster. Dungeon Drunks was John's intro to Dungeons and Dragons, and subsequently Quarlton is the first character he ever created. Since Dungeon Drunks he has been bitten by the D&D bug and plays and DMs for the Wizards of the Coast organized play system, Adventurers League. John now has a binder full of active characters and doesn't know who he is anymore.

Follow him on Twitter: @that_film_guy

Character art by Luke McKay

Quarlton is a Barbarian/Fighter following the Path of the Ancestral Guardians. He was born in a small Half-Orc village in the Kryptgarden forest. When Quarlton was about 5, his village was attacked by the orc of the mountains. Thanks to his mother Quarlton survived, and was found by a pack of wolves. Given his mother's affinity for the forest the wolves adopted him as their own. For years he ran with the wolves before his pack mother was killed by a hunter. Distraught he found himself working caravans as a teenager before trading room and board for work with the Eagleshields in Amphail. It was there that he learned social skills and was set to build a life in Amphail before being run off by Assock Amcathra. Quarlton went back to the wayward life, when one day he met up with his current pack, and the rest can be heard starting with episode 1.